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L.D.Thanks to Chlup Legal Services’ expertise, not only did I win at first instance, but the appeal as well! Dr. Chlup is very ethical in his work and always acted in MY best interest. Out of the 7 lawyers I had contacted, Dr. Chlup was the only professional who really understood all issues and who really cared.
T.J.Dr. Chlup provided me with invaluable advice during my divorce proceedings, enabling me to navigate the dire straits I was in during this very difficult period of my life. The level of engagement and proactive thinking was par excellence. I strongly recommend Dr. Chlup’s legal services to anyone in need of a truly professional solicitor.
N.P.I was fortunate to come across the Chlup Legal Services website, searching for a lawyer in Switzerland to help with my divorce process which involved complicated international elements. Dr. Richard Chlup proved to be more than a competent and knowledgeable attorney, always a phone call away. The response time was always quick, and the skilled guidance was to the point.
Strong Track RecordOur biggest claim won so far was for $50 million in international arbitration.
A Forthright Legal AdvisorWe cut to the chase, providing the help you need. Nothing less – nothing more.
A Passion for WinningWe take cases to win them – and not just conduct them.
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Here to HelpGoing through a divorce is difficult even without having to face critical life decisions regarding child custody and support, and asset and property division. It’s essential to find an experienced, trustworthy lawyer to protect your and your children’s future. To find a lawyer that serves as your advocate.At Chlup Legal Services, we specialize in Swiss family law – often helping international clients with cross-border cases. We believe in guiding our clients through the entire process with total openness. We are aware of the emotional struggle you and your family are going through. Our goal is to make the entire experience easier for you by providing legal guidance and protecting your interests.
Your Zurich Divorce LawyerDr. Richard Chlup established Chlup Legal Services to offer clients a more progressive approach to solving their legal challenges. The firm’s goal is to provide each client with undivided dedication and help them understand all potential legal outcomes during a divorce from the very start. We strive to achieve the best outcome of those that are realistically achievable.After almost two decades of practicing law, Richard Chlup has built a reputation of a result-oriented Zurich lawyer. He is a member of the Swiss and Zurich Bar Associations, and holds a Master’s degree (LL.M.) in International Legal Studies from New York University and a Ph.D.Image
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Crucial ConcernsEven though every divorce is as unique as the persons involved, there are several major issues you can expect to arise after the legal procedure starts.
Who gets the children?If you are at home with the children and your spouse works – you will likely get to keep them. Your spouse will then have the children every second weekend and one evening a week (unless the kids are very young). If both you and your spouse work 80-100%, you will potentially get shared custody. And no – immoral behavior, cheating, occasional recreational drug use, or even the fact that he (or she) can’t change diapers will not change the court’s decision.
What about the alimony?Generally, alimonies follow the child. It doesn’t matter who is to blame for the divorce. If you are a millionaire whose spouse hasn’t worked for the last 20 years, the divorce is going to be painfully costly as you will pay to keep up their living standards.
How about the pensions?Pensions are shared, both first and second pillar. No judge will accept a deal that is much different.
How will the assets get divided?It’s quite simple – all assets and properties you have acquired after the marriage will get split in half. I know, it often doesn’t seem fair. Of course, what you had already owned or acquired before your marriage, as well as any inheritance you got, will not get split. However, there might be other things to consider, such as the potential increase in the value of the property you owned before marriage.
What about the other assets?At the separation stage the car usually goes to whoever needs it most – to whoever really needs it to get to work every day. The rental apartment usually goes to a parent that keeps the child. But, if you both work and your child is shared (or there is no child in the picture), both the car and the rental place will probably go to whoever “needs them most.” As usual, the devil is in the details.
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Common Divorce Dilemmas
Separation is the pre-stage to divorce. If both parties agree they want a divorce, then they can get a consensual divorce even before the ending of the cool-down period of two years living physically separated. However, achieving this agreement may be difficult at this stage. It’s worth knowing that most cases start with separation which is sometimes a better option than divorce.

To put it bluntly: successful negotiations are usually a cheap and painless outcome. However, unsuccessful negotiations can be terribly expensive, both financially and emotionally. Difficult spouses and aggressive lawyers mean many negotiations won’t go that well. Our experience tells that if you are in doubt or cost-sensitive, it’s usually better to negotiate in court, where the judge keeps expensive discussions in check. You shouldn’t have to pay for lengthy negotiations that lead nowhere.

Yes, within strict limits. The judge needs to see the agreement is fair, and the means need to be in line with the law. No court will allow hungry children to be visited by the father driving a Ferrari. Also, the welfare of the spouse who doesn’t work or doesn’t earn a lot is as a rule not left to social security but to the one who promised to take care.

Yes, and not just emotionally. But, at Chlup Legal Services we understand that you’re going through a difficult time, and will advise you on how to minimize the expenses.

Take a look at the potential numbers:

. If you get separated, you will usually have to pay the court from 2,000 to 6,000 CHF; and 4,000 to more than 10,000 CHF if you get divorced. The amount is usually split between the two parties, so you’ll only cover half of that. However, if you can come to an agreement, you will pay the court around 2,000 CHF, and an additional 1,500 – 3,000 CHF for legal fees, depending on how much the negotiations last.

. If you can’t make an agreement in court, have no or small salary and savings under 20,000 CHF, then the spouse who works may have to pay our fees for the most part. If that spouse is not able to cover the fees, and your savings are under 10,000 CHF, you can apply to get free legal aid from the state (which we can help you get), who will fund the proceedings.

Of course, we understand the position you are in during a divorce. We try to keep our fees low and don’t bill by the minute.

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